Dale Ball Trails & Foothill Trails

The Dale Ball trail system meanders through the foothills around town. They can be accessed by riding from town and connecting either near St. Johns, Upper Canyon rd, Cerro Gordo, or Hyde Park. Despite being so close to town, the trails remain relatively uncrowded and contain a mix of smooth, silky lines and chunky, rocky ledges. It's easy to make a quick lunch loop or spend half the day exploring the hills and soaking in the views. 

Dale Ball North – Divided by Hyde Park road, Dale Ball North trails loop around the foothills of mixed clay and rocks. Most trails are a solid intermediate with a few moments of short, technical switchbacks.

Dale Ball Central – The central section of the Dale Ball trails meanders through the pines and hidden houses, punctuated by breathtaking views. Great switchbacks and quick descents.

Please be mindful of hikers and our neighbors.

Click Here for directions to the trailhead and Here for a downloadable PDF Map. 

Dorothy Stewart & Dale Ball South– Entering from either Camino Cruz Blanca or Upper Canyon Road, the Dorothy Stewart trail makes a great loop of tight turns, rocky climbs, and challenging descents. Often this trail is used to connect to a larger loop with Atalaya or Picacho mountain, creating a larger loop of considerable elevation gain and technical obstacles.

There are multiple routes from the St. Johns area back down to Upper Canyon Rd. using either Dorothy Stewart or Dale Ball South Trails. These are local favorites for those who enjoy steep up and downs deep in the pines.

There are many other trails that spur from this. Pay attention to maps at the intersection to ensure you know where you are heading.

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Atalaya Mountain ♦ – Atalaya is Santa Fe’s most difficult 'in town' route, ascending 2,000′ in just under three miles. Aside from the thin air and steep ascent, there are plenty of obstacles to test the most seasoned rider.

The loop is rideable in either direction with the northern section typically less crowded during popular weekends. Be mindful of hikers, as this is popular with both hikers and their canine companions. A bell, lights, and a generous smile are good to carry with you.

Be careful and courteous!

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