Mike Chapman


Shop Pop for Life! Mike is a father, occasional racer, and the man behind the ‘Spoke!

Dylan Paesani

Bicycle Service

He knows what you did to your fork last summer.

Jett Boynton

Sales, Customer Service

Jett, Like a Plane!

Paul Forrester

Service manager

His real ambition is to be a Ghostbuster.

Leo Quintana

Service Manager

Julien Coppenrath

Bicycle Service, Sales

Vaughan Jensen

Sales, Customer Service

He serves the Kool-Aid

Wayne Herrick

Lunch Manager

JJ Squires

Bicycle Service

Internets Famous

Paulie Armijo

Bicycle Service, Sales

Nathan Meyerson

Customer Service

Super dynamic vocal range.

Rusty Miller

Bicycle Service

“A Paladin is a Healer/Tank Combo”

Kyle Klain

Web Media, Photography