The Broken Spoke opened in 2008 as a repair shop first and foremost. While we have grown quite a bit since then, service remains as the heart and soul of our business. Every member of our staff is a trained mechanic and we take fixing your bike seriously. We are flexible in the services we offer, our labor rates are very competitive and our turn-around times are fast. Estimates are always free and if you can’t afford to be without your bike you can make an appointment for same day service.

Minor Tune-Up/Safety Check $50
The Quick and Dirty tune-up
An abbreviated Basic Tune-Up without the cleaning

Major Tune-Up
$70 Hardtail

$85 Full Suspension

Detailed cleaning of the entire bike.
Inspection and adjustment of brakes, drive-train/shifting, wheels, bearing and all critical bolts.

Add-Ons (prices when added to a Minor or Major Tune-Up)

  • Drivetrain Clean (remove and soak): $25
  • Pull and Anti-Seize Bottom Bracket: $10
  • Bar Tape Wrapping: $5
  • Hub Rebuild: $10 - $20 + bearings/parts
  • Disc Brake Bleed: $20/wheel, $30/front and rear
  • Suspension Service: Rear/$60-$90, Fork/$70-$120
  • Cable and Housing Standard Routing: $15/per cable including parts
  • Cable and Housing Internal Routing: $25/per cable including parts
  • Spoke Replacement: $10-$15/each plus spoke price
  • Tube and/or Tire Install: $5 Standard - $10 Tubeless
  • Install Parts (purchased from us) Grips, Tires and Tubes, Brake Pads (unless bleed required), Chain: No Charge



Full Overhaul
$90 – $150
Complete tear down, cleaning and rebuild with new cables and housing.
Bearings re-packed or replaced as necessary.
(Price does not include parts)

Drivetrain Clean

$25 w/ Basic Tune Up, $45 a la carte
Chain, gears and derailleurs removed and soaked in solvent, then scrubbed clean.

Suspension Services

Most suspension forks and rear shocks have recommended service intervals.  Adhering to these maintenance guidelines will likely prolong the life these components.  We can service most forks and shocks in house and can outsource other jobs to BTI’s Factory Service Center which is located here in Santa Fe.

Pricing varies so please inquire.

Not sure what service your bike needs? When you bring your bike to us, one of our mechanics will inspect the bike and identify what needs to be fixed. If you are only willing to spend so much on repairs we can help you prioritize what needs to be done now and what can be deferred. When you leave your bike with us you will leave with a guaranteed cost estimate and an understanding of what services will be performed. All our work is guaranteed, we’re human and like anyone sometimes we’ll have an off day. If you are not completely satisfied with the work we’ve done, bring it back and we’ll make it right.

Ala Carte Services

Drivetrain Clean (remove and soak): $45

Tube and/or Tire Install: $10 (basic) and Up for training wheels, pegs, 2-stroke conversions, internet e-bikes, coaster brakes, etc.

Tubeless: $20 + Parts (valve, tape, etc.)

Disc Brake Bleed: $30/per wheel, $45/front and rear

Suspension Service: Rear/$70 = Parts, Fork/$90 + Parts

Spoke Replacement: $20 + Parts

Wheelbuilding: $50/wheel $90/pair + Parts (spokes, nipples, tape, etc.)

Cable and Housing: $20-$30/per cable including parts

Wheelbuilding: $50/each

Bartape: $20

Boxing Bike for Shipping: $45 - $65 (does not include shipping costs)

New Bike Assembly: $50 - $150

Bike Re-Assembly (from box): $25 - $50

Labor prices do not include the cost of parts unless indicated.  When applicable, these prices apply for parts purchased through The Broken Spoke.  We are happy to help with install and do adjustments on parts purchased online or through other retailers but we reserve the right to increase our labor rates in these cases.  Please help to support our local economy by shopping locally!!