La Tierra Trails

Our go to cross country trail system, La Tierra is accessible by riding from town and offers excellent parking for those coming in from elsewhere. Site of the La Tierra Torture race, the trails make excellent, fast loops for those looking for some singlespeed or cross country riding.

La Tierra trails

The La Tierra Trails encompass a large area of fun, rideable terrain for any level of mountain biker. Included in the area is the "Trashpit", which is a series of Freeride type technical riding and jumps.

Most trails consist of open views, fast singletrack, and rolling terrain. A capable cyclocross bike can add a level excitement for the seasoned rider. Trails can become loose in the drier months and be mindful of lightning during the monsoon season from July-September. Click Here to download PDF map or Click Here to navigate to the La Cuchara Trailhead.

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