Staff Ride: Jett’s Surly Krampus

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Big, Red, and Ready to Punish

There's no question about it: this bike is a tank. With meaty 29x3.0 Maxxis Minions, chromoly frame and fork, racks, dropper, and bags, this is a machine built for long days in the saddle and is unafraid of any terrain. Jett built up this Surly Krampus for everything. In fact, last summer he rode with us down Rio en Medio only to go bikepacking the next weekend. Not many bikes or riders claim that sort of versatility. 

But...don't let the utilitarian appearance deceive you. Despite being fully rigid, this bike glides and gliiiiddddeessss. Thanks to the chatter numbing frame and beefy tires, the ride is remarkably smooth. The touchpoints have been thoughtfully considered too, with a titanium riser bar from Moonmen, Brooks leather saddle, and finally some composite Deity pedals (they have more 'give' than aluminum flats), nothing about this Krampus is as punishing as its namesake. 

Surly Porteur House

Maxxis Minion 29x3.0

Brooks Bum Hammock

Titanium Riser Bar

Notable Components

Hauling camping gear and being able to tackle our rowdiest trail means being built for a beating. While Krampus is known for handing out a good beating, this particular machine does not. Here's a closer look at the components that make this Krampus sail into the sunset. 

  • Moonmen Moonrise - riser, sweep, 800mm and titanium. What more could you ask for?
  • BikeYoke Revive Dropper - extremely reliable and 160mm of drop
  • Surly 24 Pack Rack - a large rack for beer camping gear and hauling the goods
  • Maxxis Minion DHF 3.0 - large, knobby, but surprisingly fast rolling (well...kinda)
  • Wolftooth Components Pogies - yes, they make softgoods! pogies for our winter--if it happens
  • Brooks B17 Saddle - leather forever!