A First Time Bikepacking: Caldera Crest
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The trip would be a simple overnighter: start out at Pajarito and traverse the Valles Caldera, spend the night above the rim, and then end at Bode’s in Abiquiu for burgers. It all sounds easy enough and while it fundamentally … Read More

What happened to summer…?
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Wow! It’s halfway through September, another Interbike trade show is in the books and 2015 products are already starting to grace our showroom floor. Where did the last 4 months go? For anyone that’s actually following this blog (Mom), you can see that I have failed at my promise to contribute on a weeklyish basis as I had initially hoped. Well, with all the day to day tasks that it takes to run a bike shop during high season, the blogging simply got bounced down the priority list by matters that needed more immediate attention. Well here we are, it’s 4:30am (I can’t sleep) and the house is quite so I’ll ramble a bit…

Lance, part 2
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4-22-14 The day that Lance came to the shop…  (Part 2) …Eventually a few more folks from the magazine arrived as well as my wife Holly (there was no way she was going to miss this).  And shortly after 2 … Read More

Lance, part 1
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4-18-14 4-18-14 What’s going on behind the curtain? What’s going on behind the curtain?What’s going on behind the curtain? wooden phone caseelfbar sitepersonalisierte handyhulle The day that Lance came to the shop… (part 1) The day that Lance came to … Read More

Spring is here!
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4-1-14 Spring is here!  Yup, and as usual this is when things get busy at the bike shop.  The yearly cycle for our bike shop has become pretty predictable.  January is almost always our slowest month.  Depending on the weather, … Read More

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