Spring is here!

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Spring is here!  Yup, and as usual this is when things get busy at the bike shop.  The yearly cycle for our bike shop has become pretty predictable.  January is almost always our slowest month.  Depending on the weather, it can be completely dead or like this year when parts of January where quite mild, there can be a bit of a pulse.  February is a lot like January and by mid March we start to see the familiar faces starting to come through as the days get longer and those who haven’t been braving the winter temps start dusting off their bikes.

But all in all, the beginning of the year is a chance for us to catch our breath, work at a slightly slower pace, get away from the shop a bit and also tackle some of the projects that are always on the “to do list” but always get put off.  And this winter has been a productive one on many levels.  Despite the polar vortex and the freezing temps that came with it, we had a lot of nice weather this winter which kept people on their bikes and coming into the shop.  And in addition we crossed a few projects off the list.  The shop has never had the best lighting and this winter we installed track lighting which has made a significant improvement.  While it wasn’t cheep, we were able to save some money by doing all the grunt work ourselves.  I found an electrician who was willing to work with us, we mounted the tracks and ran all the conduit along the walls and ceiling (which was all a major P.I.T.A. with all the bikes on the ground and hanging that had to be shuffled a zillion times) and when that was done he made the electrical connections and wired it all to the fuse box.  The results have been great and especially noticeable in the winter when it gets dark before we close.  If anyone needs an electrician I’ll happily give you his name.

We’ve also brought in two new bike lines this winter, Kona and Devinci.  One has been a core mountain bike brand for several decades and the other, despite being around since the mid 80’s, has recently become one of the hot new lines in mountain bike world.  Both are strong in the gravity category which is something our shop is supporting (more on that another time) and both were also orphaned by the closing of Santa Fe Mountain Sports which, by the way, is a huge bummer.  Yes, one of our main competitors in the summer was also our favorite ski shop in the winter and Dan and his crew have provided a great service to our community that will be missed for sure.

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But here we are, it’s spring, we’re starting to jam and we’ve got more crazy ideas brewing.  Stay tuned and we’ll see you on the trails!