24HOP: Arizona Mudfest, Beer Included

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24 Hours in The Old Pueblo

Every spring, deep in the Sonoran desert, a tribe of people gather to celebrate the oncoming riding season. Over a course of a week, 5,000 people will create a makeshift camp filled with bikes, beers, and RVs. The purpose of the gathering? Simple: enjoy the camaraderie of the mountain bike tribe.

This year we sent a team of four friends to take part in the shenanigans and punish their unseasoned legs in the four-person singlespeed category. Typically the event is a pleasant February escape from the cold Sangre de Cristos, but this year had other plans. Despite the heavy cooler full of beer and derailleur-free bikes, the rain and the mud put a damper on things. Other than being completely soaked and windblown for 48 hours, Robert, Kyle, Kim and Jason came back with some photos for our enjoyment.

Take a moment to peek through the gallery and have a chuckle at their expense.