Stop! Which Brakes in 2017?
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In the past few years a new generation of brakes has hit the market. SRAM finally came out with a successor to their much decried Avid brakes (although some were quite good, like the Codes), Shimano kept slowly improving their … Read More

Opinion: Best Descents in Santa Fe
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Now here’s a touchy subject: which trails are most fun….going down. Everyone has their personal favorites, but we figured we would lay out a few of our select. I already here the moans that we didn’t include Winsor on here, but … Read More

Shop Testing: Kona Process 153
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Okay, we’re not going to lie: this ‘review’ may be more a love letter than a technical appraisal. Why a love letter? Well, because something doesn’t need to be perfect to be loved and what we have here is a love … Read More

Jamis Roughneck
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As much as we love Jamis, there’s times when they didn’t have the swagger that other brands had. Whether we’re speaking of oversized, muscular tubing or bright, flashy colors, it’s been a while since we were truly excited. That has … Read More

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Early Friday morning March 26th we had a fire that caused extensive damage to the building.  Restoration has begun and unfortunately we cannot take on new service at this time. We will be taking on new service beginning May 1st, if not sooner. Please check back here for updates.


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