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Lance, part 2
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4-22-14 The day that Lance came to the shop…  (Part 2) …Eventually a few more folks from the magazine arrived as well as my wife Holly (there was no way she was going to miss this).  And shortly after 2 … Read More

Lance, part 1
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4-18-14 The day that Lance came to the shop… (part 1) For anyone who’s curious as to how it came to be that Lance Armstrong came to our shop to film a clip on changing a flat tire, here’s the … Read More

Spring is here!
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4-1-14 Spring is here!  Yup, and as usual this is when things get busy at the bike shop.  The yearly cycle for our bike shop has become pretty predictable.  January is almost always our slowest month.  Depending on the weather, … Read More

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