What’s New? The ‘Spoke Welcomes Trek!

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People are asking us this question in the shop, sometimes wondering what the latest cool new thing is and sometimes just wondering what’s been going on in our lives and in the shop.  A lot of times I don’t have a great answer and reply with a generic “oh this and that…” but lately there has been something very new and exciting for us to talk about.  

Well we’ve picked up a new bike and accessories line and it’s kinda a big deal for us.  As of July, The Broken Spoke is the new and exclusive dealer of Trek Bicycles for Santa Fe and all of Northern New Mexico.  We’ve always sold bikes from brands we believe in and we are incredibly grateful for the relationships that we’ve built with the brands that we have been selling.  But until now we have not had the opportunity to work with a brand as large as and with the name recognition of Trek.  The bikes, parts and accessories that Trek offers are on par with the nicest stuff our industry is producing and in many cases they are able to deliver products at significant cost savings compared to the competition.  Trek also provides many great resources to us, from technical training for our mechanics to business resources for the back office, we believe this move will help us evolve with the times and stay competitive in an increasingly challenging industry.

While we are excited to be partnering with one of the biggies, we will be mindful not to let one brand take over our store.  The brands that we have done well with will remain a fixture at The Broken Spoke and we will be sure to keep the Independent in Independent Bicycle Dealer.

We have been taking delivery of Trek bikes and accessories for over a month now, selecting to stock the products that we get excited about and what we think our customers will want.  So if you haven’t been in in a while or you’re curious about what Trek is coming out with for 2018, come on by and have a look--hopefully, you’ll think the new bikes look as good as we do.

2017 has been a great year for us so far.  We are looking forward to the fall and what most of us consider to be the best riding season in Santa Fe.  Thanks for the support we wish you all the best as the summer winds down.

Thanks for reading,

Mike Chapman